Ozone generator

Ozone generator

Ozone generator

What is ozone (or ozone)

Ozone is one of the oxygen allotropes of the formula O3, which is a gas with very high oxidizing power. Ozone is usually unstable and acts like chlorine in many reactions, acting as a microbicide by combining with proteins and inactivating the reducing enzyme that is important for cell respiration. The oxidizing properties of this gas make it have many industrial applications and at concentrations above 100 components per billion severely destructive effects on the mucosa and respiratory organs of animals, ozone is one of the most important air pollutants in near space. Animals and plants are beneficial because they prevent ultraviolet and high-energy rays from entering the earth. Ozone is a 3-atom element, meaning its smallest particle is 3-atom molecules. See the Ozone page for more information.

How to work ozone generator machine made by Rafi Isfahan company

In this device, first the ambient air passes through the radiator fins which are cooled by Freon R134 a gas and its surface temperature reaches 2oC and after partial dehumidification it enters the compressor. In the Oil Free compressor, the air pressure rises to +6 barg and the compressed air is stored in the compressor tank of 500 liters. In this case, due to the pressure of the air, the moisture in the air (albeit insignificant) condenses and turns into water. The condensed water in the tank is periodically discharged by the PLC control system and the solenoid valve in the drainage path. It becomes.

In this case, there is still a very small percentage of water vapor in the air entering the generator, and this amount of moisture is also taken by the moisture absorption towers filled with silica gel. At this stage of production, there are two silica gel moisture absorption towers, one of which is normally in production and the other in regeneration. The moisture absorbed by the silica gel is evaporated by heating elements by applying heat and the tower is ready to absorb moisture. After the final dehumidification and the production of compressed air with a relative humidity of 0%, the compressed air enters the oxygen generator.

خشک کن هوا

This device, like the silica gel tower, consists of two oxygen production towers, in which normally one of the towers is in production condition and the other is in regeneration mode. The production mechanism in these devices is using pressure oscillation absorption (PSA) method. In this technology, air molecules are separated by a porous adsorbent surface, and after saturating the adsorbent surface, the reduction process is performed by reducing the pressure. It is a physical screening method that, by passing compressed air through a substance called zeolite, leads to the separation of oxygen containing about 78% of the atmosphere and the release of oxygen from the air at low pressure. In this method, an oxygen generator is used that has two columns full of zeolite, one producing oxygen and the other releasing it.

تغلیظ اکسیژن اکسیژن ساز جداسازی اکسیژن

Ozone production by electric discharge method

The electrical discharge method is the most effective and powerful method of ozone gas production. In this method, an electric arc is created between two non-identical electrodes (cathode and anode) in air and causes part of the oxygen molecules to decompose. Isolated oxygen atoms re-bond to other oxygen molecules to form the ozone molecule. The electrodes used in this method are used to distribute the electric arc in the air to break most of the oxygen molecules inside the chamber and form ozone gas. The electrodes are usually made of ceramic, glass or quartz, and the shape of the chambers is flat or round conical plates. The material of the containers is mainly made of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, which are resistant to ozone.

If pure oxygen is used as the input of the ozone generator device instead of air, which is only 20% oxygen, the volume of ozone produced will definitely increase significantly. An important point to consider when using air as an ozone generator power supply is that the inlet air must be free of “moisture” and therefore, in some cases, air dehumidifiers are used at the inlet of the ozone generators. .

تولید ازن به روش تخلیه الکتریکی

At the ozone outlet, there is an ozone detection sensor that measures its amount. Electronic circuits are cooled by air cooled during drying. All connections after the ozone reactor are corrosion resistant.

It is recommended that you also read the article on carbon dioxide production and separation.

Technical specifications of RIO500G industrial ozone generator

  • The device is equipped with a cold water circulator system for high production reactor efficiency
  • Equipped with silica gel tower for the ability to operate the device in humidity above 90%
  • Has a water temperature sensor with the ability to report alarms on mobile phones
  • Equipped with PLC switchboard and HMI 7 ”control panel
  • Equipped with oxygen generator to increase ozone production efficiency

ژنراتور ازن

ژنراتور ازن

ژنراتور ازن تولید ازن

راهنمای کار با دستگاه تولید ازن ژنراتور ازن

ژنراتور ازن

ژنراتور ازن

ژنراتور ازن

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